“Stella’s 21 Grace Court Alley (1994), a scaled-down version of 125 Joralemon  Street,  also resembled a  carriage house,  replacing a small, two-story, mid-nineteenth-century brick stable located at the terminus of a quiet mews that had once served houses on Remsen and Joralemon Streets.47 In order  to fit  in with the  scale  of  its neighbors, Stella cleverly designed the house to appear twice as wide and one story taller than its predecessor, a fiction necessitated by zoning that prevented additional square footage on the site. In fact, the new house was the same size as the one it replaced: half of the new facade was false. A garage door on the first floor led to an outdoor entrance court, and second-story window openings were left unglazed to offer views from an open-air terrace behind them. The third floor provided new attic space that did not count as floor area. Round arched windows and a pitched roof allowed the house to approach the charm of its setting.”

New York 2000, Robert A.M. Stern, 2006

District Lines, Magazine of the Historic Districts Council, Autumn, 2004

 “An inventive and wry take on historic forms”

Sarascope Magazine, SARA, New York Council Nov. 2003

 National Design Awards,  “Special Recognition Award”

  An Architectural Guidebook to Brooklyn

Francis Morrone, Gibbs-Smith

2001“Lovely old carriage houses line Grace Court Alley, with a particularly fine specimen at the terminal axis.”

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, August 21, 2003      “Architect wins award for carriage house design”

Brooklyn Heights Press, March 15, 2001

 “...succeeds in contributing diversity, interest, wit and whimsey..”

 Guide to New York City Landmarks

Landmarks Preservation Commission Fourth Edition, 2009

“..the most important decisions made by the commission concern proposed new buildings within historic districts...21 Grace Court Alley has won the commissions approval..”

21 Grace Court Alley

Brooklyn Bridge Magazine, July 1997

“Many architects told them that it was impossible, but Joseph Stella made it happen”

The Brooklyn Daily Bulletin, January 8, 1993
"the carriage house will add a nice element at the end of the alley"

Brooklyn Heights Press, January 7, 1993,  "architect creates an illusory effect"

January 3, 1993
"Mr. Stella came up with an ingenious solution"

Manhattan Townhouse Garden
Sarascope Magazine

Mar 2004
"Special recognition award"

Columbus Monument

New Rochelle, NY

The New Rochelle Sound Report   Oct 2001
"The magnificent monument was created by
two artists, Joseph Stella architect"

A Moveable Theatre

Interbuild Magazine

"Joseph Stella provided a
simple and direct solution”

Exhibited at The National Union of Architects, London

125 Joralemon Street

“More remarkable, in a way, was Joseph Stella’s 125

Joralemon Street (1993), between Henry and Clinton

Streets, a three story, 1,700-square-foot house that replaced a tiny, distinctively suburban one-story, red brick house from the early 1950s designed by Morris Rothstein.46 With its red brick and stone-trim cladding, triplets of round arched windows, and a central gable, the new house was also intended to relate architecturally to C.P.H Gilbert’s Daniel Chauncy house (1891), next door at 129 Joralemon Street, for

which it now resembled a carriage house. “

New York 2000

Robert A.M. Stern, Monacelli Press 2006

Brooklyn Heights Press & Cobble Hill News

March 2001“..succeeds in contributing diversity, interest, wit and whimsey...”

Home Magazine  February 1996

  “..the design turned an eyesore into an asset for the Historic     District..”


Brooklyn Heights Press   May 1993

  “Architect designs to replace Joralemon eyesore”


Exhibition at the New York Center for Architecture, Oct 6, 2009 - Jan. 30, 2010

Context/Contrast  New Architecture in Historic Districts 1967 - 2009

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August 1, 1993“..Joseph Stella came up with an inventive plan..”